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Network Management

Keeping heterogeneous networks under control

Everything under one management

The Umbrella Approach

Because corporate or carrier networks are rarely all of a piece, monitoring them is no piece of cake. Different systems, manufacturers and interfaces make life difficult for IT teams. The result: failures are detected too late. Our umbrella approach controls your heterogeneous network across the board and relieves the workload and provides significantly more security.

Your advantages

  • Multi-domain controlling gives you a complete overview of your network.
  • You avoid failures and thus costs and image damage.
  • Your team is relieved and can focus on relevant tasks.
  • The high level of automation of the solution ensures the improvement of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Adhere to your service levels (SLAs = Service Level Agreements) vis-à-vis the business.
  • Because the solution is vendor-independent, you have a free choice of network components (no vendor lock-in).
  • Incidents and errors are reliably assessed in real time and by our network professionals and, in the event of a problem, rectified.
  • You have access to a user-friendly network management interface and well-founded reporting.

Grown and complex

Element Management Systems (EMS), which enable real-time monitoring and management of the systems connected to the network, can be used to administer very heterogeneous environments. However, this requires profound know-how - especially when several EMS are used at the same time. The fact that each manufacturer focuses on its own software makes it even more confusing: This makes the implementation of use cases more difficult, e.g. due to different interfaces for API integration or different ticket structures. It is therefore not surprising that a uniform view of all network elements can hardly be realised in such environments. Often, the integration of network documentation systems and IT service management is also missing. Without these tools, maintaining reliable network operation is costly and error-prone.

The umbrella for your network

Are you desperate to get a better grip on your network infrastructure? For this, we are the right partner at your side. Our network management is based on an umbrella management system that unifies the monitoring of all relevant elements. And the integration of network documentation system and IT service management is part of it in any case.

Operation in the dacoso IT Network Center

We operate the solution for your network management in our IT Network Center. From there, the dacoso network experts take over all tasks for incident and change management and thus ensure stable operation of the customer environment entrusted to them. When problems occur, our team helps to rectify the faults as quickly as possible. Proactively, however, we also keep an eye on potential disruptions and discuss with you what needs to be done. We are available for you 24/7 via our hotline.

More security - our services for you

  • Via programming or monitoring interfaces, we integrate your existing element management systems (EMS) across domains into the umbrella management system and thus achieve a uniform view across heterogeneous network landscapes. 
  • All active and passive components are listed in the network documentation system. In addition, we record all physical and logical connections in a central and consistent data model: You receive a clearly presented, up-to-date image of your complete network.
  • We manage the provision of IT services by means of IT service management.
  • For incidents and alarms, we operate a ticket system that is connected via ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and ensures the standardisation of information. 
  • We implement use-case-based automation via API integration. 
  • The automation of end-to-end provisioning ensures service assurance.  

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