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Successful companies know that they need to invest not only in bright minds and great products, but also in a network as a wing for the future. And carriers know that they can never rest on the status quo. Find out together with our experts how you can noticeably improve the performance and security of your network. We design networks that are cost-efficient and easy to manage - and grow with your success.

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As a rule, the design of grown physical networks is characterised by three pitfalls: they are complex, not very flexible and usually extremely expensive. At the same time, not least due to the multitude of cloud-based solutions, the demands on the bandwidth of the connections are increasing unchecked. Nevertheless, many companies do not dare to make a new start because it is extremely demanding and time-consuming to optimise or even re-plan WDM networks. So more uncontrolled growth and selective network actionism? Do it differently - and have a future-proof network designed by professionals who specialise in exactly that.

Your advantages

  • We listen to you, understand your business goals and use them to develop a customised network that will give you a competitive edge in your industry.
  • You talk to experts who come from the field - with the experience for what is feasible.
  • If you wish, we can also take over the implementation - with a proof of concept in advance.
  • We understand security and compliance as integral components of the network.
  • We plan and secure the migration to the new or adapted network for a seamless transition.
  • Your team benefits, because we train your teams in trainings and workshops around network technology.

For carriers: Do you want to get more out of your network?

Use the potential of WDM technology

More and more data is being chased through the networks, the available optical fibres must be better utilised. Make yourself more independent and use the potential that lies in the technology for transmission on the individual wavelengths. We have network experts on board who are experienced in optimising even large carrier networks and know exactly how performance can be increased through adjustments in topology, technology and network management.

Our services for carriers

  • Analysis of the current network with provision of transmission details such as
  • Power budgets and reserves
  • Bandwidth utilisation and reserves
  • Range profiles for different transmission bandwidths
  • Latency of individual data services
  • Planning and optimisation of network topology and DWDM transmission technology
  • Migration concept
  • Elaboration and presentation of competitive advantages and thus comprehensible sales arguments for your customers

For companies: Do you need more performance and security for your data connections?

Powerful and security connections

More, faster and, best of all, absolutely secure: these are the requirements for corporate networks today. Keywords such as multi-cloud environment, 5G, ORAN or NFV promise new possibilities - but must first be classified: What makes sense? Which is the right way for you to meet the increasing demands on bandwidth and speed? Experience in network design is the most important factor for the success of the solution: reliable operation at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Based on your requirements, we provide you with a well-developed network design - including a time schedule that takes into account the transition from your current to the new network solution.

Our services for companies

  • Project management to coordinate all contacts
  • Analysis of the current network
  • Development of a strategy for the future network
  • Network design and optimisation on OSI layers 1 and 2
  • Optimisation of topology, sizing and bandwidth utilisation
  • Traffic analysis and forecast
  • Design of the physical and logical network infrastructure
  • Roadmap and migration concept

Encryption for more IT security

The legal regulations on IT security are becoming more and more extensive. ISO and BSI certifications require targeted measures and proper documentation that no one can shake off their sleeve. Take advantage of our experience for more security in the network and let our experts for encryption solutions advise you: from classic AES 256 encryption to BSI-approved variants to quantum-safe encryption that protects your data today from the machinations of tomorrow.

Proof of concept - be sure it works

Everything can be planned - it has to be realisable. If you want, we will also take this step with you and bring your optimised network to the rollout. Our strong team of service technicians at 12 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is always looking forward to new challenges that require specialist knowledge and reliable drive. It is not unusual for the boundaries between our people and the IT teams at our customers to disappear: Working hand in hand and sharing knowledge is the path that leads to project success. 

Before the rollout, we recommend a proof of concept - the dress rehearsal for your network. We test hardware and software in your specific configuration in a laboratory environment before the whole thing goes into operation at your site. This allows us to check in advance whether all requirements for bandwidth, latency, degree of automation and security are met.

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