Network Automation

Less work, more reliability: configure networks automatically

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Performance and quality for your network

Automated instead of manual

Companies with branch structures, city network operators or carriers must ensure smooth operation of their networks. However, the complex and often very heterogeneous networks can hardly be controlled with the usual methods. The automation of network configurations, which also ensures greater reliability, brings significant relief for provisioning. Save your team time-consuming routine work - and move with us step by step towards automation.

Challenges in network operation

Staff and time

The ongoing network operation including updates for new functions or better protection against cyber attacks requires permanent network adjustments and specialised personnel. Site planning is an exciting task, scaling to the network nodes involved can be a very monotonous affair. Because there is a massive lack of time and personnel, important updates are postponed - with serious consequences for stability and security, up to and including network failure. This work can be outsourced.

Maintenance and service

In order for routes to be correct again or new network functions to be available at all locations, some updates/changes have to be made almost simultaneously. The more branches that have to be taken into account, the longer the forced standstill takes. Necessary maintenance is therefore sometimes postponed and maintenance windows become too large as a result. Let us support you with this work.

Automation - the solution

Dare to automate more and get to know the great benefits of configuration at the push of a button with our customised solutions. And don't worry about the big paradigm shift - we'll just start with your most important use case!

Your advantages

  • Smooth and secure network operation
  • automated roll-out of configurations saves time, personnel and thus costs
  • fewer (human) errors - more robustness for your network
  • your network is at the latest patch level and makes life difficult for hackers
  • Network adjustments are made extremely quickly - and you remain more competitive
  • Your qualified team can take care of their core tasks

Customised automation for you

Our Intelligent Networks experts make a detailed as-is assessment of your network: Where is the potential for relief and improvement? How can more automation be implemented sensibly and step by step? The custom-fit solution that emerges from the discussions with you is always set up in a test/staging environment before commissioning, in which the real conditions are simulated. The configuration is then tested against your use cases - and then you're ready to go: The CI/CD pipeline (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) distributes the configurations to the sites within a very short time. It is also possible to create virtual machines with corresponding applications. In this way, entire network locations can be rolled out with applications on an ad hoc basis. The same applies to configuration changes, new software versions and functions. And via automation tools, ad-hoc command execution, software configuration management and software distribution are skilfully orchestrated.

We operate the solution for you

We operate the CI/CD pipeline from the dacoso IT Network Center - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our employees take over all incident, change and problem management tasks and thus ensure the stable operation of your solution. The IT Network Center records all events in the ticket system. In addition, the tickets are automatically enriched with further status information. You can view this data transparently at any time. In case of questions and problems, we are available 24/7 via our hotline.

Automated configuration: details for connoisseurs


We operate an IT platform for you that can be integrated into any environment with standard interfaces via SSH (Secure Socket Shell).


Through automatic data collection - based on accurate network data - we develop the appropriate service designs for the basics of automation.


Provisioning and implementation, including version management, are carried out with a reliable DevOps platform (Software Development & IT Operations) and provides the services as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


We develop customised playbooks (logic and combination of building blocks) and the inventory (all relevant parameters for the target environment).

Python scripts

Standard interfaces such as RESTful APIs (REpresentational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) are controlled via Python scripts to automate operational commands defined in Yang (Yet Another Next Generation). These communicate via network management protocols such as NetConf (Network Configuration Protocol) or OpenConfig.


The CI/CD pipeline automates the process of software delivery. Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development practice in which all developers merge their code changes into a central repository. Continuous Delivery (CD) complements Continuous Integration with the practice of automating the entire software release process.


These collections (collections of reusable building blocks) are compiled from open source software in Python and refined with our own code.

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