Maximum protection required

Digitization is the runaway engine driving the economy – but it comes at a price: Companies are becoming more vulnerable to attack. Hackers are extremely professional in their approach – Cyber attacks are becoming more specific. Weak access points are exploited, viruses are infiltrated, Trojans are inserted, cables tapped and data flows attacked. New avenues for attack open up whenever new fields, such as Cloud migration, IoT or Industry 4.0, develop.

Correctly deploying and monitoring solutions

Fortunately we have an antidote: The market offers many good solutions to reduce risks and block danger. These applications must, however, be optimally configured and controlled to achieve the desired results – including outside normal business hours. We can here offer our support as your Managed Security Service Provider - selecting approaches suitable for your situation and ensuring proper functional interaction. We have set up our own, state-of-the-art Network & Security Operation center at our Neuss location where we will monitor your networks and security solutions and where our experts will if needed keep a close 24/7 eye on developments.

Our partners in Cyber Security include LogPoint and Finally Safe, as they have exactly the Managed Security solutions in their portfolio with which we can massively improve data security for our customers. 

Encryption protects against data espionage. How? Our cartoon explains. (on Youtube)