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Cyber Security Services

More power for your security in the Security Operations Centre

IT security as an all-round carefree package

Your security in view 24/7h

Unfortunately, the question is no longer whether you will be the target of an attack or sabotage, but when. Make it as difficult as possible for hackers! As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we stand by your side and plan the next steps for better protection with you. And in our Security Operations Centre (SOC), we operate the security services for you as required, with which we recognise and ward off the risks and - if the worst comes to the worst - keep the damage to a minimum. 

You would like to know more?

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Security Consulting

How well is your company currently protected and what adjustments can you make? Our IT security consulting team will work with you to find out where the need is greatest and develop a security roadmap that takes effect immediately.

SOC as a Service

Benefit from the advantages of a Security Operations Centre without having to operate one yourself. Our SOC serves as a 24/7 control centre for all the security solutions you use - including your own, if you wish. Equipped with the latest technology and professionally managed by experienced security experts. Without having to make your own investment, you only pay for what you actually use.

The advantages of Managed Services in the SOC

  • Tailor-made security solutions according to your needs
  • Know the gaps, successfully fend off attacks - 24/7
  • Security from a single source: consulting, implementation, operation
  • Professional SOC - state-of-the-art technology & experienced experts
  • SOC service takes place entirely in Germany
  • Costs according to demand, you only pay for what you use
  • Integration of your existing security solutions
  • Detailed reports (also for your compliance)
  • dacoso is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Attackers get better

The financial and image damage to companies caused by cybercrime is becoming ever greater. Instead of the watering-can principle, targeted attacks are being carried out, and events such as pandemics are opening up even more gateways.

Not only the big fish

Attackers are not only targeting corporations, but also small and medium-sized companies. More and more IoT devices are being attacked, which are also being used more and more frequently in SMEs.

Shortage of skilled workers

Many IT departments find themselves overburdened with staff to identify all risks, select and implement security solutions and properly assess incidents. Due to a lack of skilled staff, sometimes months pass before security incidents are discovered.

Requirements increase

DSGVO, BDSG, HIPAA, SOX, BAIT, IT-SIG 2.0 - the regulatory guidelines that have to be fulfilled and documented with reports give all companies a hard time. Compliance requires expertise and involves a lot of work.

Your three steps to more cyber security

Gain clarity about the security situation in your company.

Become active - even step by step! Nothing is more dangerous than waiting. 

Get the support you need for reliable protection.