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Professional Services

We take these tasks off your hands!

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Benefit from our strengths

No question: complex infrastructures cause a lot of work! They have to be planned, installed, operated, protected, maintained and serviced so that everything runs like clockwork. When new solutions have to be implemented, there is often a lack of time and qualified personnel for well-founded concepts and professional installations. Outtasking is the way out of this resource dilemma: you hand over part of the tasks to our experts. And we deliver professional services with which you will master your digital challenges in the best possible way.

Our Professional Services for you

Project management

From A to Z, we are at your side during the planning and implementation of the network. You will be assigned a fixed contact person - one who is very familiar with the subject matter. He or she helps with questions and coordinates the entire project implementation in close consultation with you. Even before the implementation of the solution, our IT experts are happy to pass on relevant knowledge for the operation and finesse of the systems to your team.

Staging & Testing

Prepare everything well - that's what it's all about: Before the network equipment goes live in your IT environment, we test everything. This means that all parts are unpacked, checked and set up in our staging area analogue to the planned installation and according to your specifications. After configuration, we carry out performance tests and make adjustments. Ideally, all we have to do is set up the system at your premises - this considerably reduces the time needed for implementation on site.

Procurement & Logistics

How does the hardware get to where it is needed on time? For your projects, we deliver pre-configured systems to the respective place of use at the agreed time. For this, we coordinate the suppliers, logistics partners and recipients. With our 24/7 hotline and the decentralised dacoso spare parts warehouses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer fast assistance - as a rule, spare parts are available within four hours.

Installation & Configuration

Getting new systems up and running quickly - that is one of dacoso's core competencies. We manage the complete installation and configuration of network and encryption solutions down to the last detail so that everything runs reliably for you - with a project manager as your permanent contact person.

Measurement services

We offer comprehensive measurement services for fibre and data services - our professionals determine the quality of your fibre infrastructure or data services using the latest measurement equipment. We interpret and explain the measurement results so that you are able to take appropriate action. Afterwards, you will receive detailed measurement protocols with the results. We carry out all common measurement procedures on optical leven, Ethernet and more.

Maintenance & Repair

When data services, systems or components fail, help is needed immediately. As your service partner, we support you with all the necessary measures, ranging from the ticketing system and our 24/7 hotline to rapid spare parts delivery and on-site troubleshooting. Our team is always close to you at 12 locations in the DACH region and, if necessary, can be on site in a short time to carry out the troubleshooting measures at your locations immediately. As a rule, we are with you within a maximum of four hours and solve the problem.

Workshop & Training

Knowledge wants to be shared - that's how we see it and are happy to support you in expanding your internal know-how in this area. In our own training centre in Langen (near Frankfurt), we organise regular workshops and training sessions on site and data centre connections or encryption solutions. Often the focus is on specific hardware systems, which our experts instruct on, including technical tricks. But if you wish, we can also organise seminars that focus on exactly where your specific knowledge needs are - just contact us at any time!

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