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Complex infrastructures make a lot of work. When new solutions are pending, there is often a lack of time and qualified personnel for sound concepts and professional installations. In order to maintain the operation of networks and security solutions in everyday business, resources are needed for care and maintenance, which not every company has available. Professional Services offer exactly that: Our consultants, project managers and technicians contribute many years of expertise to keep your business running.

IT Policy & Security

The legal regulations on IT security are becoming more and more extensive. ISO and BSI certifications require target-oriented measures and proper documentation that no one can pull off. Take advantage of our experience in this area and let us advise you: On the basis of a risk analysis, we identify sensible priorities, which you can use to plan and implement the next steps to increase compliance.

Carrier Network Design

Extensive experience in network design is the most important factor for the success of the solution: reliable operation at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a neatly worked out network design - including a schedule that takes into account the transition from your current to the new network solution.

Proof of concept

The dress rehearsal for new solutions: We test hardware and software with a view to the requirements of your company. This can take place on your premises or in a secure test environment in our lab. We show innovative solutions that meet your requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency, degree of automation and security.

Logistics for Hardware

How does the hardware get to where it is needed on time? For your projects we deliver preconfigured systems to the respective location at the agreed time. For this we coordinate the suppliers, logistics partners and the recipients. With our 24/7 hotline and the dacoso spare parts warehouse at 12 locations, we offer quick help in the event of a fault.

Installation & Configuration

Bringing new solutions to the market quickly - this is one of the dacoso core competences. We control the complete installation and configuration of network and encryption solutions down to the last detail so that everything runs reliably at your site - with a project manager as your permanent contact person. In training sessions during the project phase, our experts will gladly pass on their knowledge to your team.

Measuring services

Experience shows that trouble-free network operation is only possible if the data connections are carefully checked. We test the performance for you with various measurement services for the lines in the data center as well as between the data centers. We use the best equipment and rely on experienced technicians who are well versed in network measurement and interpretation of the measurement results.

Product maintenance

If systems or components fail, help must be called in immediately. As a service partner, we support you with measures ranging from a ticketing system and our 24/7 hotline to rapid delivery of spare parts and on-site troubleshooting. Our team is spread over 12 locations in DACH and is on the spot within a short time if required.

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