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Threat Intelligence Service (TIS)

Light into the darkness: recognise dangers from the Darknet in time

Grafik Managed TIS

Managed TIS

See through the attackers - know what the attackers want

It's good to have everything under control within your four walls - but unfortunately that's no longer enough. In addition to the risks in your own IT infrastructure, you should keep an eye on the illegal machinations in the darknet, on the internet and in social networks: Are threats brewing against your company there? Have there been data thefts and data leaks through which hackers can penetrate? With the Managed Threat Intelligence Service (TIS), you can prevent nasty surprises without having to invest time and effort yourself.

What is Threat Intelligence?

As part of the strategy for better cybersecurity, threat intelligence is best described as "threat intelligence". It is about providing companies and authorities with information about targeted cyber risks (threats) that could become dangerous. For this purpose, vast amounts of relevant data from various sources are sifted through, collected and finally analysed. This collection and interpretation of attack scenarios and threats serves as the basis for a better defence strategy. With Cyber Threat Intelligence, companies and authorities are enabled to proactively defend themselves against dedicated threats such as data theft, extortion, data breaches or reputational damage.

Is your data a commodity on the Darknet...?

The darknet has developed into an illegal repository for access data such as names, email addresses and passwords. Hackers use them to log on to company servers, for example, and nest themselves - with correspondingly dangerous consequences. The cyber criminals get the information, for example, from users of XING and LinkedIn as well as other social networks. There, they find comprehensive information on companies and employees, such as for setting up a company email address. And unfortunately, it is not uncommon for identical passwords to be used for private and business accounts - the best merchandise for the darknet and the door opener for data leaks.

Your advantages

  • You proactively protect yourself from hacker attacks and data sabotage from the darknet, social networks and the internet.
  • Costs and damage to reputation are prevented
  • You discover DSGVO violations and can react quickly
  • If you have questions or problems, you have access to security experts in our Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Your IT management receives regular reports on your cyber threat intelligence
  • Targeted preventive action to protect your business, employees and customers

Threat Intelligence: Software and people

With our Managed Threat Intelligence Services, we find out whether you have been the victim of data theft by uncovering leaked data on the internet (clear, deep and dark web) for you. We do this with a combination of automated methods and analysis by our cyber security experts. The basis is an intelligent software solution, with the help of which the threats directed against your company are collected in our Security Operations Centre (SOC). If we discover leaked user IDs, passwords or hacktivist campaigns against you, you will be informed immediately. Our cybersecurity specialists advise you on what to do now and in what order to defend against the threats. In this way, you can avoid your company being affected by data theft and prevent massive financial and image damage.

Warn employees and avoid penalties

As soon as we find explosive data about your company, you can immediately inform your employees about the data theft and initiate countermeasures to prevent greater damage. Because officially, you may have breached your duty of care with the availability of sensitive data (e.g. breach of NDA, compliance, DSGVO). Now it is important to act quickly: Inform customers, involve authorities and close the data leaks - we are at your side and support you with the most important steps for immediate protection.

Detecting data theft - what Managed Threat Intelligence does for you

  • find malicious websites and fight the occupation of your domain
  • Unmask fraudulent business apps that use your company name and resources
  • discover compromised employee credentials
  • Detect malware targeting your business
  • find unauthorised uses of your brand name, logo, etc.
  • track down sensitive company information (e.g. patent specifications, server configurations)
  • locate stolen credit card data
  • identify the threat of global hacking activities to your company

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