Data Center Interconnect

How to make your data highly available

Reliable data centre coupling

Data twice secure

No one wants to imagine it, but it happens anyway: natural disasters, break-ins or damage during construction work can bring even an excellently protected data centre to its knees. You can only remain relaxed if you have developed a business continuity concept in good time and your data is mirrored in another data centre that is far enough away to take over the work immediately if the worst comes to the worst.
Through data centre interconnections - also known as Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) - in which all data is mirrored between different data centres, companies ensure data access even if there are unforeseen failures or problems in IT operations. dacoso is your experienced partner in this major task.

The data center interconnect services

Solution design

Infrastructure design and selection of transmission systems


Coordination of all services and contact persons


The delivery point for all services is the predefined customer interface.


Installation, configuration, function tests, commissioning, acceptance in coordination

Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance, stocking and management of spare parts, planned interruptions to operations for upgrades by arrangement

24/7 Availability

Free hotline number with network service within a few hours


Determination of the type and extent of the fault by remote diagnosis, then short fault clearance time

Useful life and billing

Services on a rental basis with monthly billing

Data centre interconnect with maximum security and no downtime

With our Managed DCI solution, i.e. the provision of a secure coupling of your data centres or locations, you make your data reliably available. In the process, we take over the complete to-do list: Our experts plan, test and optimise the solution until the network runs smoothly. Afterwards, the couplings are continuously monitored by our operations professionals in our ISO 27001 security-certified IT Network Centre. Doubly secure through double paths: path redundancy (i.e. at least two crossing-free connections of the optical fibres) ensures data transfer even if one network connection fails. On request, BSI-approved data encryption is also possible for the transfer, with which we guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data.

Sie möchten mehr über maximales Datenvolumen und sichere Datenübertragung mit 64G Fibre Channel wissen?

The advantages of the Managed DCI solution from dacoso

Business Continuity & Zero Downtime
Permanent maximum data availability and minimum latency in the network.
Identical data stock in each linked data centre.

Reliable operation
Our experts centrally monitor your DCI solution 24/7 in the security-certified IT Network Centre.

Secure transfer of data over the network connection with end-to-end encryption on layer 1. Fulfilment of the high BSI requirements if required.

Experience and competence
You benefit from our extensive product portfolio and modular deployment concepts, which ensure that the data centre coupling is compatible with all common data centre systems. 

Immediate help
If you have any questions or problems, you can rely on our experienced service technicians, who are distributed throughout Germany.

Optical networks as a basis

We realise the data centre interconnect on the basis of optical transport networks in the MAN area (Metropolitan Area Network) between the data centre locations. We support all protocols in the open systems and mainframe environment as well as other relevant network interfaces. All services that are usually used in the data centre environment can be integrated. 
Our solution enables synchronous and asynchronous data centre interconnections based on fibre optic connections. The use of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) gives you scalable and flexible connection options.

Dedicated data connections

  • The basis of the DCI is a fibre optic infrastructure for dedicated bandwidths with standardised interfaces. This enables the transport and aggregation of extremely large data volumes with the help of innovative DWDM (wavelength division multiplexing) or TDM (time division multiplexing) technology.
  • Depending on requirements, leasing of the optical fibres with optimised routing (node- and edge-disjoint) from different providers.
  • Adaptation of the runtime differences in the case of two-way routing of the data centre coupling with the possibility of multi-level redundancy concepts.

Appropriate encryption

For maximum security of your new data centre infrastructure, we offer all DCI solutions with optional encryption - always based on the AES-256 standard or additionally with BSI approval. Various technologies are used for encrypted transmission - from "stand alone" TDM systems with encryption for up to 10 channels on max. 400 Gbit/s to a connection with DWDM systems with a total bandwidth of up to 4 Tbit/s. You can find more information under Encrypted Networks. Our IT experts will be happy to advise you on which solution is suitable for your infrastructure.

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