Netzwerkverbindungen an einem elektronischen Gerät

Network Disaggregation

Reduce dependence on suppliers

More freedom in networks

Doing away with vendor lock-in

Finally away from dependencies: Network Disaggregation breaks down encrusted infrastructures in networks by detaching the software from the hardware and using white-label switches. The result is an open and flexible network concept that is less work and much more cost-effective.

Carrier or CSP (communication service provider) networks are often long grown and consist of large monolithic router and switch systems. This results in a rigid commitment to the manufacturers, who have determined the protocols and applications for years and specified the road map. As a result, changes are extremely costly. For example, if the backplane of the existing chassis cannot accommodate enough new modules or has too little bandwidth. And functions that are needed in the short term often cannot be provided due to the long cycles of the hardware.

Your advantages

  • Using scalable white boxes makes your infrastructure more cost-effective, flexible and open.
  • NOS (Network Operating System) in network operator quality brings you reliability and stability in operation.
  • Finally, open, standardized network interfaces without vendor lock-in.
  • Integration with open source and commercial multi-domain controllers and end-to-end orchestrators becomes easier.
  • NOS technology can be used in a variety of ways - from data centers to public transport networks.
  • You benefit from our expertise to build comprehensive underlay and overlay applications.

Manufacturer-independent and scalable

Network Disaggregation completely separates the hardware from the essential software components. The concept behind it: The data layer, including the forwarding layer, runs on white boxes for networks, while a network operating system (NOS) takes over the control (control and management layer). The NOS is operated in the cloud. This makes your network perfectly scalable, as additional white boxes can be added at any time. 
Become completely manufacturer-independent with this solution:  The combination of software-based network functions with the performance and cost-effectiveness of bare metal switches results in a network infrastructure that is more powerful and flexible than ever before.

Operation in the dacoso IT Network Center

We operate the network disaggregation solution in our IT Network Center. From there, the dacoso network experts take over all incident and change management tasks, ensuring stable operation of the customer environment entrusted to them. When problems occur, our team helps to rectify the faults as quickly as possible. Proactively, however, we also keep an eye on potential disruptions and discuss with you what needs to be done. We are available for you 24/7 via our hotline.

Our services

  • As-is analysis and use case definition
  • Technology analysis (previous mode of operation, definition of service requirements, translation into technical requirements)
  • Conception of the new solution (consulting)
  • Provision of white boxes including logistics and maintenance
  • Provision of the NOS in the dacoso or customer cloud
  • Introduction of the use cases in a laboratory environment including real network parameters and support systems
  • Roll-out of the solution and services in the entire network

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