Intelligent Networks for agile networks

Turn your static network into a highly dynamic system where management is efficient and centralized - with much less manpower and much more flexibility than before. We combine different connection forms (MPLS, broadband Internet, LTE, etc.) and configure the different areas of network technology according to your dynamic requirements.

Changes of location, use of the cloud or equalization of the data-loaded end devices at the network periphery: Virtualized functions ensure more speed and reliable data communication. Benefit from additional network security through overlay/underlay separation and at the same time remain independent of the respective carrier - all with one solution.

How much service do you need?

Intelligent networks are still a relatively new approach. For planning, implementation and operation, specialized know-how is important. Our experts have acquired this know-how in theory and practice - and you can use it according to your needs: We create the concept, select the suppliers and advise you on the procurement of hardware and software. We are also happy to provide support in the next step and take over the implementation and maintenance of the solutions. We provide the complete operation of virtual networking for you with our Managed Services, which we control from our BSI-certified NOC (Network Operations Center). You decide how much freedom you need - we supply building blocks or the complete package.



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