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Intelligent Networks

Time for the quantum leap: More intelligence for your network

Networks thought through and implemented

The Next Generation

The world of networks is changing. The influence of IT solutions in the traditional telecommunications sector is becoming ever greater. With completely new possibilities for the management of your network: Monitor heterogeneous structures centrally, let your configurations run automatically and finally gain more vendor independence with the white-label approach. And on top: virtualised network functions bring more dynamics into play and convince with significant savings.

The great advantages of smart grids

  • better network performance
  • more agility for change
  • higher IT security
  • vendor independence
  • increase in added value (total cost of ownership)

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Network management

Keeping heterogeneous networks in check with multi-domain controlling.

Network automation

Automatisierte Netzanpassungen über Ihre maßgeschneiderte CI/CD-Pipeline (Open Source).

Network virtualization

Network Function Virtualisation plus Edge Cloud - more dynamics plus optimised costs.

Network disaggregation

Separation of hardware and software: controlling white-label switches with an NOS.

The network as a success factor

As a rule, networks are created over long periods of time, often integrating many manufacturers and platforms. Outdated systems make life difficult for network managers, network failures or even hourly disruptions are a nightmare for companies. Added to this is the pressure to be as agile as possible: Increase bandwidths, connect new branches, pave the way for business ideas - everything should be feasible as ad hoc as possible. And without having to explain exploding costs. And usually with a team that already has more than enough to do: How do you manage that? We help you - with our solutions for Intelligent Networks.

It only works tailor-made

Until we know what your structures look like, we cannot make a credible suggestion for improvement. Therefore, a detailed as-is analysis including your business requirements is a must. For your most important use cases, we develop concepts in which Intelligent Networks can provide significantly more efficiency and dynamics in your network. Trust our experienced network experts who approach every project with curiosity and commitment and bring you step by step and safely from the old to the new network world.

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