[Translate to English:] Beim Treffen im Dezember 2022 in der Geschäftsstelle der Langener Tafel überreichte Felix Pohl dem Vereinsvorsitzenden Günter Böhnel eine Spende.[Translate to English:] Der Vereinsvorsitzenden Günter Böhnel im Lager der Langener Tafel.
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Supporting local heroes - Langener Tafel

In Germany, 962 food banks currently rescue surplus food from destruction in order to support people in need www.tafel.de. One of them is the Langener Tafel e.V. Many volunteers work there to provide food for about 800 households in the catchment area. This deserves respect and support. For dacoso it was clear that we would donate locally to the Langener Tafel for Christmas. Thought - done - delivered! Our CEO Felix Pohl presented a check worth 2,500 euros to Günter Böhnel, chairman of the Langener Tafel. Helping to make people happy and satisfied is close to our hearts.