Detection: Our topic at the IT-Grundschutztag

Outsourcing yes or no? Especially when it comes to security issues, companies think very carefully about whether they should involve external service providers or not. The IT-Grundschutztag - an event co-organised by the BSI - brought this question into focus last Tuesday. Our colleagues David Haas and Torsten Lay looked at what this looks like in concrete terms when it comes to detection: In front of a live audience and around 1,500 online participants, the topic was the early detection of malicious code in end devices such as laptops and in networks. Their central arguments in favour of outsourcing: the experience of trained security experts and the integration of the solution into a professional security operations centre, for which medium-sized companies and public authorities in particular rarely have their own capacities. The entire event will be available on YouTube after it has been released by the BSI.