400G Muxponder for 64G Fibre Channel

Advantages for DCI and SAN networks

A revolution for data centre interconnects and storage area networks (SAN): Adtran's new FSP 3000 S-Flex™ DWDM multiplexer doubles data capacity to 400G, Fibre Channel 64G and ensures compatibility with existing data centre systems such as IBM's mainframe environment with ISL trunking. The quantum-safe encryption of the DWDM connections on Layer 1 is also already available, making the FC 64G muxponder a future-oriented investment for companies, authorities and critical infrastructures.  

Live demo with FSP 3000 S-FlexTM from Adtran

dacoso has already successfully completed the first customer projects with the 64G Fibre Channel card. We have also set up a live demo of the new Muxponder in our laboratory for interested parties. In this demo, two "data centres" are connected to each other. The FSP 3000 S-Flex™ from Adtran and the measurement equipment from our partner VIAVI are integrated. These tools provide a reliable means of testing the performance of the FC 64G links.

The live demo will be shown at our headquarters in Langen. The test equipment can also be set up at the customer's premises if required. Please contact us if you have any questions.