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Hardware turns to software

Many tasks will demand many devices.  Be it Load Balancer, Firewall or Access Point:  New devices are constantly added to our already extensive range of hardware.  This certainly does not make portfolio management any easier and servicing problem devices turns extremely complex.  New services will furthermore require correspondingly more time to introduce.  Many locations may also even lack the space to accommodate more hardware.

Virtualization of network functions (NFV) will convert devices to centrally managed software solutions running on a defined platform.  The NFV approach includes the virtualization of servers and storage, also including other networks.  Everything needing to be done will be done much easier:  Maintenance and service, installation of new versions, adding applications and compliance directives.  This will ultimately improve efficiency and clearly save costs.  NFV is of particular interest to new telecommunication services and to service providers who can now implement virtualized network functions and interlink them to create function units. Managed services can furthermore also be migrated to Clouds.

Ensemble by ADVA

With its Ensemble Suite, our ADVA Optical Networking partner has a reference solution in its portfolio that elicits great interest:  Virtualized applications (so-called VNF) may be installed and managed on terminal devices. Numerous solutions by renowned manufacturers have already been set up for this system and may be provided virtually.  Other solutions are in preparation and may be integrated on customer request.