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Setting up centrally – using everywhere

Any change of IT guidelines and security regulations traditionally meant huge efforts to companies operating at several locations:  New devices needed to be introduced, configured or replaced at each location.   Time and manpower were needed because the IT colleagues had to travel and implement changes on site.  Virtual networking offers automation precisely on this level of equipment:  Routers and other terminal devices are centrally controlled and supplementary hardware will be dispatched to the locations simply to connect and integrate into the network by remote control. This allows companies to change from manual to automated control of their networks.

In data center applications, the load can be automatically shifted between data centers during operation. This works with any physical networks and is also suitable for virtual machines and container technologies.

Nuage from NOKIA

NOKIA’s Nuage Networks software solution is a decisive driver of this development.  The links are presented as a clear and abstract set of rules – not as physical connections.  Administrators no longer need to configure networks device by device but can use a Web-based user interface to set them up end-to-end, using “drag and drop”.  The platform will also automatically manage clients, users, access rights and quality of service.