For agile Networks

The Cloud and the speed at which companies are moving these days – these are the primary drivers of virtual networking. Networks with increased dynamics will be indispensible to fast and easy deployment of applications demanding a diversity of capacities and to linking new branches with optimum efficiency and at short notice. These new virtualization functions will ultimately render networks as agile as the IT we have come to rely on: Services will be available where they are needed at lightning speed.

Risking virtualization

We will transform your static architecture network into a highly dynamic system that will effortlessly integrate and delete new locations and make resources available without further ado – via the Cloud, for instance. Different types of connection (MPLS, broadband Internet, LTE, etc.) will be balanced and optimized for specific applications. The software functions will control and optimize the various technical network layers and areas as and when needed.  Another advantage: The physical overlay/underlay network structure clearly separates the layers, for added security. Companies will therefore be able to make decisions independently of their carriers. For our VN solutions, we rely on the Ensemble product suite from our partner ADVA Optical Networking and on Nuage Networks from NOKIA.

Not only will the entire WAN ultimately respond faster, but it will also be easier to manage. This networking revolution is the necessary and correct way for companies to keep pace with developments with optimum effectiveness. 


Find a summery regarding our approach to the topic of Virtual Networking here. (Youtube 3:09 min in German only)

Overlay automation

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Underlay control

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Virtualization of network functions

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