Bearing both in mind: Technology and economy

That's quite a lot of responsibility: Procuring the right hardware and software today is about nothing less than ensuring business operations and optimizing processes. And at the same time the question: How can the economic efficiency of a new solution be assessed in a well-founded way? Use us as your sparring partner: with our technical expertise, our knowledge of the market and our knowledge of the financial aspects of products and services, we can help you gain a competitive edge - because technological added value and economic thinking are in harmony.

Which product from which manufacturer offers which features at what price? Is the solution scalable? What does the concrete parts list look like? Which maintenance services must be included in the calculation? Which service level is reasonable? Our experts have the answers to your questions and support you throughout the entire procurement process for the topics of optical networks, intelligent networks and cyber security. Together with you, we develop a purchasing strategy and convert it into measurable results. The result is innovative solutions at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. The following steps are conceivable for this:

  • Recording your requirements (e.g. locations, availability, security level, services)
  • if desired, creation of a technical concept
  • Market research and selection of potential suppliers
  • Validation of the solutions under the aspects of technology, efficiency, risks and compliance
  • Workshop including demonstration of the IT components in our lab on request
  • Benchmarking and selection of suppliers
  • Contract negotiation including prices and conditions (also: conversion from CAPEX to OPEX, warranty extension)
  • Conversion of the concept into parts lists and concrete individual orders
  • Processing of orders and coordination of the partners involved
  •  Consolidation of invoices

Holistic solution from one source

You see: Procurement Services offer the solution from one source for the complete purchasing process. Our pre-purchasing consulting services serve as a reliable basis for decision-making for a large number of different partners. Together, we discuss the possible alternatives and their fit for your requirements. The serious handling of purchasing processes has earned us a high reputation in the market, which is why we are trusted partners for our customers in the procurement of hardware, software and services. We would be pleased to support you in achieving your goals!

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