For a stable and safe network

Data networks - the backbone of most companies today. If there are problems here, this has a direct effect on the success of the business. This makes it all the more important to permanently equip your own Wide Area Network (WAN) for the future and to keep a constant eye on it. We support you with Managed WAN and set up a network solution that will reliably carry you through the future.

WANs are rarely cast from a single mould, but have grown over the years. New locations are added, others are dropped, data centers and cloud connections must be integrated. And then there are the growing data and security demands on the network - quite a lot! With our Managed WAN we take over the operation and monitoring of your WAN. And if you wish, we can continuously analyze how your network can be improved.

Managed WAN: Network operation and monitoring in the NOC

In a project workshop we get a picture of your WAN and all the components used. On this basis, we create an operational concept, which focuses on monitoring in our BSI-certified Network Operations Center (NOC). Our network experts use state-of-the-art tools to collect, archive and graphically display all relevant network data. You receive precise, transparent reports on the status of your network, bottlenecks and possible transmission risks.

With systems for version management and configuration management, we also ensure that your network components are brought up to the latest update on time. We can plan and roll out relocations, the integration of new locations or other network changes centrally for you.

Managed WAN: Also with network optimization

We are also the right WAN partner if you want to start improving your network. We can take over the following activities:

  • Network planning (MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Internet connections)
  • Carrier selection
  • Provisioning (Provisioning)
  • Encryption if required
  • Commissioning your network

Your benefits

  • WAN optimization including planning and commissioning by experienced experts
  • Operation and monitoring of your network in the BSI-certified NOC
  • meaningful reports on the network status
  • immediate alarm

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