Mainframe migration? That way nothing gets lost!

Moving critical components such as mainframes is a major challenge for any company, because unfortunately you can't just pack the data into boxes and move it from A to B. After all, you need access to it even during the migration. We are your moving helpers and take care of the transport of your valuable data for you - and in a way that does not affect your business.

In a fast-changing business environment, sometimes it's necessary to move important data. Many companies no longer want to spend the effort on their own infrastructure and therefore move their data to data centers of appropriate outsourcing providers. Others have the need to move their data to a different location in their own central back-up data center.

To ensure that everything arrives there safely and securely, we use Managed Migration to ensure the right data connection including the necessary technology - either via existing data lines or data lines rented specifically for the period of the move. And of course we keep a close eye on the migration of your data during the entire relocation phase!

Secure data transfer for every route

Storage systems are usually mirrored via FICON or Fibre Channel. However, there are distance restrictions, since the performance of the data mirroring decreases with increasing distance. We remove these transmission limits by converting to Ethernet and IP protocols. Via WAN we migrate your data wherever you want - even worldwide via broadband networks (Internet, Carrier-Ethernet, MPLS etc). Our experts in the Network Operations Center (NOC) monitor the move for you and let you know immediately if problems arise. Once the migration is complete, you start your application with your current data in the new IT environment. It couldn't be simpler.

Encrypted if desired

During migration, your data is on its way in new ways. If you have particularly high security requirements, we can encrypt the connections and thus reliably protect them from data espionage. On request, this is also possible according to the strict specifications of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security).

Your benefits

  • free choice of destination location: no length restrictions
  • Migration during operation
  • Test run in advance
  • on request with BSI approved encryption
  • Operation and monitoring is carried out in the BSI-certified NOC by our experts

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