Want to connect? We connect data centers.

They are the backbone, the gold, the lifeline - when it comes to the value of corporate data, the comparison cannot be impressive enough. So it is only logical that their maximum availability comes first. Through data centre links, in which data is mirrored 1:1, companies ensure data access even when unforeseen failures occur.

Nobody wants to imagine this, but it happens anyway: natural disasters or damage during construction work can bring even excellently protected data centers to their knees. You can relax if you have developed a business continuity concept in time and duplicate your data in a second data center far enough away. We support you in this large data backup with Managed Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

Stable and secure data center interconnections

With Managed DCI, we offer you an integrated solution that reliably secures the availability of your company data - everything from a single source, from planning and implementation to central monitoring of the entire operation by our experts at the BSI-certified Network Operations Center (NOC). And it's even doubly secure: redundancy (i.e. double crossover-free connections) ensures that data transfer is guaranteed even if one line fails. On request, BSI-certified encryption is also available for the connections, with which we guarantee the confidentiality of your transmitted data.

Optical networks as a basis

We implement the Data Center Interconnect on the basis of optical transport networks over regional distances between locations. We support all protocols in the mainframe environment and other necessary network interfaces. All services that are usually used in the data center environment can be integrated.

Dedicated data connections

  • The basis is a fiber optic infrastructure with innovative DWDM technology for dedicated bandwidths with standardized interfaces
  • Leasing of the optical fibres with optimised routing from different providers, depending on requirements
  • Adjustment of the runtime differences for a two-way data center connection
  • multi-level redundancy concepts
  • optional encryption, if required with BSI approval (German Federal Office for Information Security)

Your benefits

  • permanent maximum data availability (business continuity)
  • reliable operation and central monitoring of the connections in the BSI-certified NOC by our experts
  • optional encryption ensures confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the transmitted data

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