All solutions firmly in sight

In our NOC/SOC we take over the operation of your security and network solutions. Trained specialists, who are constantly undergoing further training, monitor all components and detect failures or malfunctions immediately. In case of failure, you or your service provider will be informed. Depending on the ordered service level, it is also possible that we initiate the recovery measure or assign our technical teams to do so.  

If, in the event of hardware failures, not only parts but entire systems have been replaced, we ensure that the appropriate software and the correct configuration are installed immediately. As a rule, this even works with "zero-touch provisioning", i.e. without user intervention on site. 

Protection against the latest attack attempts

Our team is trained to quickly uncover even new, unknown methods of attack. We report conspicuous activities that indicate a data attack or immediately detect other anomalies or support you in patch management of your network components in order to eliminate potential dangers preventively.

Our NOC/SOC services for you

  • Operation and monitoring of all managed services
  • central setting of IT guidelines/security regulations
  • Provisioning and configuration of the networks
  • Monitoring of network hardware and connections
  • Early initiation of repairs
  • Orchestrate, automate and respond to security incidents in real-time with our Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform
  • IT vulnerability management
  • Alerting in case of critical or predefined abnormalities
  • Next Generation Endpoint Security with Machine Learning
  • Support for the isolation and restoration of the affected systems and networks

Service level according to your exact needs

Together with you, we will create a set of rules to determine the control frequency as well as escalation and remedial steps. For this purpose we offer three service levels, which can be individually designed:

  • Service Level 1: Operation with automated services, level 2 support by qualified analysts on demand
  • Service Level 2: Operation with automated & manual services by qualified NOC/SOC agents, Level 2 support by qualified analysts on demand
  • Service Level 3: complete processing including access to customer systems

Flexible pricing models

When financing the NOC/SOC services, you have the choice between purchasing the solutions or a monthly rental fee. By not investing yourself, you benefit from cost advantages. Of course, the price is also regulated according to different aspects, for example:

  • desired tasks and responsibilities
  • Number of sites and systems to be monitored
  • Service level specifications (reaction times, escalation times)
  • Minimum contract period

Your benefits

  • Operation and monitoring of all managed services
  • 24/7 operation
  • BSI Certification
  • modular concept: NOC/SOC services are freely selectable
  • NOC/SOC management from Germany with technicians trained in Germany and German-language support throughout, also in English if required

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