For a stable and safe network

Just as an idea: You want to connect a new branch to your company network and none of your technicians have to travel to the installation? Your locations finally have their own Internet access without compromising security? The idea becomes reality when we operate an SD-WAN for you, which finally makes your network dynamic and more economical.  

With Managed SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks), your network is virtualized, i.e. intelligent software takes over the tasks that you previously had to perform time-consuming with your team. You can also look forward to more flexibility in connection technologies: SD-WAN opens up completely new network paths!

Save resources with Managed SD-WAN

Typically we set up the services in our dacoso cloud and manage your company connections end-to-end from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Alternatively, an on-premise installation of the management console at your site is also possible, but this is associated with higher costs. With this setup, a very compact hardware (Customer Premises Equipment = CPE) is sent to each location and any non-technician can easily perform the network connection on site. This is "Zero-Touch Provisioning" - the uncomplicated provision of our services.

Inexpensive and secure: direct Internet access for every location  

Currently, sites are often connected to their headquarters via relatively expensive MPLS connections. For security reasons, access to the Internet is also via these lines, as they are equipped with a strong firewall. As a result, MPLS costs skyrocket with each new branch office or transmission bottlenecks occur.

In the Managed SD WAN, on the other hand, your locations can connect directly and more cost-effectively to the Internet - with the same high level of security. To achieve this, we install next-generation firewalls on the CPE's in your branch offices from a central location and keep them up to date from our Network Operations Center (NOC). These are new freedoms that also apply to other network technologies and their combination - we look forward to your inquiries!

Your benefits

  •  automated connection of new locations ("zero-touch provisioning")
  •  Use of different connection technologies (MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Internet etc.)
  •  more dynamics through faster network adaptations
  •  uniform, centrally controlled security level
  •  Operation and monitoring in BSI-certified NOC/SOC
  •  Reduction of WAN costs

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