Proceed centrally against the data jam on the edge

Edge Cloud - the term says exactly what it means: it's about data processing at the periphery of the network. This new approach to network design is a response to the increasing complexity of modern cloud environments: Today, vast amounts of data are produced remotely and need to be processed and transferred quickly and securely. As a result, there is an increasing number of on-site systems that can hardly be controlled using conventional methods. With Managed Edge Cloud, we relieve these conurbations for you - your data communication runs free of traffic jams and the effort involved is reduced many times over.

Robot use in production, augmented reality, 5G campus solutions, self-propelled cars, smart cities - more and more terminals, machines and sensors at the edge of the networks are causing data growth to skyrocket. At the same time, more and more systems are needed there, such as encryptors, turbo routers, firewalls, WAN optimizers and 5G-RAN controllers (Radio Access Network). New equipment is constantly being added to the already extensive hardware inventory, and the service for it is becoming extremely complex. New services can only be introduced at a correspondingly slow pace, and in many locations there is sometimes hardly any space left for even more hardware.

Managed Edge Cloud: virtualise and centrally manage

In our solution, so-called edge controllers - small compact devices - take over the functions of numerous hardware components in virtualized form. This is achieved by VNF (Virtualized Network Functions) on so-called uCPEs (universal Customer Premises Equipment), which are integrated and automated in an IT environment via APIs and scripting. Using standardized protocols in the Linux/OpenStack and software-defined WAN environment, numerous network functions and applications can be realized, for example:

  • Encryption
  • Router
  • Firewalls
  • Web and reverse proxies
  • IPv6 IoT infrastructures with border routers
  • private 5G implementations
  • SD-WAN Multi-Tenancy for Campus Networks

This makes many things much easier: maintenance and service, new versions and applications as well as compliance guidelines are now centrally controlled. This brings more efficiency and significant cost savings.

Operation in the BSI-certified NOC

The operation is carried out from our BSI-certified Network Operations Center (NOC): With NFV MANO (Network Functions Virtualization Management and Orchestration) we manage your edge cloud centrally. With the possibility of integrating individual applications, we can offer companies their familiar IT environment (customer edge). Carriers receive a comprehensive portfolio (Network Edge) from us, from which they can serve the requirements of their customers.

Your benefits

  • Virtualize network functions
  • Avoid box stacking
  • Operation at BSI-certified NOC reduces operating costs
  • free choice of VNF providers
  • easy implementation and scaling
  • standardized protocols in the Linux/OpenStack and SDN environment
  • free choice of hardware platform
  • White-Label-Service

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