Connectivity + Cyber Defence for Companies

Data volume increase and security gaps are topics posing immense challenges to companies these days. And ongoing, because everything keeps changing so fast. Being prepared requires in-depth technical know-how, abundant experience and preferably enthusiasm to boot.

Since 2004 we support our customers with stable data connectivity and effective protection for their company information. Data center interlinking, measurement services and solutions for IT security – we never rest unless everything is working fine. Thanks to the passion of our agile team, highly engaged in every project and never let go before the results are there for all to celebrate: powerful performance, yet at very reasonable cost.


Let him hack if he wants to!

Encryption protects from data espionage.

How? Watch our trick film (on YouTube).

Modular SOC/NOC operation


It is clear to everyone by now: Cyber attacks are reality – no matter the size of company or the business area it operates in. Every company is vulnerable to data sabotage or blackmailing by blockage. As precautionary protection you will need a reliable early warning system to recognize anomalies well in advance and trigger the alarm. Also a network with maximum stability which will innately minimize the potential for attacks through regular updates of the network elements. Our Network & Security Operation Center has integrated these comprehensive protection functions – modularly selectable. Our NOC/SOC team comprises specialists that are experienced in the analysis of risk and will know when relevant security measures need to be introduced.

Service packages for KRITIS

The German Federal government will, under KRITIS legislation, hold supply companies such as power and water suppliers or companies in the transport and traffic sector even more strictly accountable. Security is the crucial topic here: Uninterrupted supply cannot be guaranteed unless the IT infrastructure is stable and reliable. Many KRITIS operators and companies aiming at High Level Security will therefore be faced with a range of security demands to comply with. A need exists for reliable protection, especially protection of data links. We can offer suitable modules - starting with Cyber Defence Services via our Network & Security Operation Center down to data encryption. With our partner NOKIA on board, we can also offer a hardware option specifically tailored to comply with extremely demanding requirements. Click here for an overview of these service packages.

NOC/SOC – now with certificate

A milestone for our Network & Security Operation Center in Neuss: The BSI [Federal Office for Information Security] has awarded us the “ISO 27001 Certificate based on IT Grundschutz”. This certificate is important proof of professionally implemented measures especially for NOC/SOC operations, heavily reliant on stability and security. The BSI explains that the certificate documents our “endeavors towards information security and the successful implementation of international standards through the implementation of basic IT protection methods internally and externally”. We are proud and elated, convinced that this will even further promote NOC/SOC operation as an option for reliable IT security.
ISO 27001 certifications based on basic IT protection enable authorities and companies to document their endeavors towards information security and successful implementation of international standards through utilizing the basic IT protection methods internally and externally.

New: EXARING customer solution

Everything in one app - this is the new EXARING TV experience in a nutshell. A Germany-wide fiber optic network is the prerequisite for its integrated IP platform. Together with ADVA Optical Networking, dacoso installed the 12 000 km backbone – pressed for time and braving the elements. The solution also includes ADVA ROADM for network flexibility. For details, refer to the new EXARING Customer solution.