Darknet - Bringing Threats to the Light

It's good to have everything under control within your own four walls - but unfortunately, that's no longer enough. In addition to the risks in your own IT infrastructure, you should keep an eye on the machinations in the darknet, on the Internet and in social media: Are attacks brewing against your company there? With the Managed Threat Intelligence Service, you can prevent nasty surprises without having to invest time and effort yourself.

The darknet has developed into a hub for access data such as names, e-mail addresses and passwords. Hackers use them to log on to company servers, for example, and nest themselves - with correspondingly dangerous consequences. The cyber criminals get their information from XING and LinkedIn, for example, as well as other social media. There, they can find comprehensive information about companies and employees, such as for setting up an e-mail address ( And unfortunately, it is not uncommon for identical passwords to be used for private and business accounts - prime merchandise for the darknet!

Threat Intelligence: Software + Human

Have you become a target? We'll find out for you. To do this, we use a combination of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and the know-how of our experts. The basis is a DSGVO-compliant solution with which collected information is first uploaded to a secure server and then evaluated by our security experts. Depending on the company, this often involves the following data:

  • Login credentials,certificates, pins and other access data
  • Patent specifications and other intellectual property
  • Employee and customer data (e.g. names, mail addresses, user accounts)
  • Financial data, server configurations, credit card data, phone numbers
  • Hacktivism campaigns

With Managed Threat Intelligence, we continuously scan the threat data for you. If we discover leaked information or hacktivist campaigns, an alert goes out to you immediately - along with a recommendation from our cyber security specialists on what to do now and in what order to avert the threat or identify the potential damage.

Warn employees and avoid penalties

As soon as we find explosive data about your company, you can immediately warn your employees and initiate countermeasures to prevent greater damage. Because officially, you may have breached your duty of care with the availability of sensitive data (NDA/COMPLIANCE/DSGVO breach). Now it is important to act quickly: Inform customers, involve authorities and close the data leak - we are at your side and support you with advice as well as with the most important steps for immediate protection.

Your benefits

  • proactive protection against hacker attacks and data sabotage from the darknet, social media and the Internet
  • fast detection of GDPR violations and avoidance of penalties
  • access to security experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) for questions and problems - there for you 24/7
  • regular reports for IT management
  • compliance gain: Threat intelligence as a responsible preventive measure (towards employees and customers)

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