When strange things happen in the network

Do you also have specific times in your company for large data transfers - for example, Friday afternoon for the weekly backup? But what happens if suddenly, out of the blue, huge amounts of data are transferred on Monday morning? If this action is considered to be an anomaly in your network, an alarm is triggered immediately! With Managed NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) you can use us as a sentry for your network and defend yourself against attackers.

So much happens in corporate networks every day - no wonder cyber attacks often go undetected. It's not unusual for several months to pass before a security incident is even detected. The consequences are paralyzed networks, unauthorized use of information or data theft. Via Managed Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) we detect ongoing attacks and connection manipulations as well as hidden channels for malware control and unauthorized data transfer.

We manage IT security for you

From our BSI-certified Security Operations Center (SOC), we offer you Managed NTA, a centralized solution that gives you an overview of the current IT security situation in your network. To do this, we install sensors distributed throughout your network as well as a central, intelligent system (core). We connect this core system with our SOC via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) and manage your IT security around the clock.

Machine Learning: Detect changes immediately

Our solution is based on a self-learning system using machine learning algorithms. After a four-week learning phase, it automatically detects unusual actions, which we report to you immediately. In this way, we can also identify targeted attacks for you, which would otherwise run "under the radar" and thus remain undetected. In regular reports, we recommend operational measures with which you can ensure even better protection in your network.

Your benefits

  • automated anomaly detection and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Detection of botnets and hidden communication channels (C&C)
  • Detection of manipulated network connections
  • self-learning system (Machine Learning)
  • customised reports
  • Early detection and troubleshooting by experienced IT security experts
  • Operation and control in BSI-certified SOC with 24/7 hotline

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