IT security for critical infrastructures

Operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) have been faced with a mammoth task since the IT security law was passed and have to meet a long list of security requirements, including appointing a contact point, reporting significant IT malfunctions and implementing the "state of the art". In addition, the fulfilment of the requirements must be proven to the BSI every two years. No easy task, especially for small and medium-sized companies. With our solutions in the field of cyber security we help you to implement them!

Your KRITIS point of contact

Experienced experts to assess the security situation, clearly defined processes and responsibilities - and all this available 24/7. This is how the most important requirements can be described.

Incoming BSI information must be viewed and evaluated immediately around the clock, every day of the year, and measures must be taken if necessary. This is not feasible for many companies with existing personnel. Also, the immediate reporting of significant IT disruptions to the BSI requires a great deal of experience, as it involves analyzing the availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of your data in IT systems. If such disruptions can lead or have already led to a failure or impairment of the functionality of the infrastructures they operate, information must be provided on the type of disruption, the general conditions and the presumed cause. Fines may be imposed if the defined requirements are not met.

You can rely on our BSI-certified Security Operations Center (SOC) located in Germany. Our experts are on duty around the clock and analyze your security situation and incoming BSI reports in terms of urgency and need for action. If necessary, your IT managers are informed immediately. In order to ensure smooth incident management in cooperation with the BSI, we are also happy to support you with our know-how in case of queries from the BSI. Side by side for more IT security.

Your benefits

  • Compliance with the requirements of the IT security law
  • Focusing internal resources on the core issues in your IT
  • Use of experienced experts in case of incidents without having to maintain them 24/7
  • reliable operation in a BSI-certified Security Operations Center (SOC)

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