Faster than the damage: Block viruses immediately

Hackers develop new malicious code almost every hour, and common anti-virus programs only deliver the defense strategy with a time delay. With Managed EDR, you can thwart attackers' plans by using artificial intelligence to immediately detect when a threat appears on your company's laptops or servers - before the malware becomes active.

In order to detect unknown malware on the end devices, you need new approaches to data sabotage. In our Security Operations Center (SOC), we operate an intelligent solution for you that protects the majority of end devices in your company - even against completely new malware. Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) takes the worry out of being late: Threats are blocked as soon as they appear.

Managed EDR also blocks unknown malware

Machine Learning is used for this. Artificial intelligence knows the patterns of known viruses and quarantines intruders that partly resemble these patterns and have therefore been identified as malicious. So-called software agents detect the attackers within the operating systems Windows, Linux and MacOS, and also in Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).

Software agents in continuous use

The information basis for our EDR solution is a constantly updated malware database, which is available in the cloud. However, even without a cloud connection, e.g. when notebooks are used outside the corporate network, we can use Managed EDR to ensure that there is all-round protection: The constantly active software agents use the last locally stored copy of the database and scan all activities continuously.
As much protection as possible for your endpoints

Our security experts in the dacoso SOC install, operate and monitor the EDR solution for you. The service also includes, for example, the control of who is allowed to execute scripts, i.e. command sequences or hidden macros, where and how. The management of sabotage-prone USB devices in your company can be just as much a part of this as locking unauthorized devices such as DVD drives. This allows you to effectively and timely counteract the ever-changing cyber threats without having to invest your own human resources and technical expertise.

Your benefits

  • Get malware under control early
  • Immediate alarm in case of threat
  • Machine Learning ensures constant knowledge adaptation
  • on request script management and USB control
  • Operation and monitoring in BSI-certified SOC

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