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High KRITIS requirements

The IT Security Act passed in July 2015 obliges operators of critical infrastructures to adequately secure their IT according to the state of the art. 

Utility service providers (e.g. from the energy and water industry, transport and traffic, finance, insurance, health, telecommunications) and companies that control high-level security are now faced with a list of security requirements that they have to meet. We support all KRITIS-affected and security-focused companies with our solutions for stable networks and cyber security and develop services with which we can help to implement the concrete requirements.  


Your KRITIS contact point - in our NOC/SOC

According to Section 8b (3) BSIG, managers of a critical infrastructure shall designate a contact point to the BSI through which they can be contacted at any time. The BSI sends its safety information to this address. Many companies are not able to implement the required 24/7 presence without further ado. Our BSI-certified NOC/SOC enables us to do this for you: our experts are on call around the clock to check incoming BSI notifications. In urgent cases, your IT managers will be informed immediately. If you wish, we can also handle the necessary reporting of safety-critical processes to the BSI. In general, we are always available to answer your team's security questions. 


Basically a good measure

This contact point is interesting for companies even without legal requirements:
Because in an emergency, all roles are firmly defined and threats can be fended off immediately and effectively. To make it clear to trading partners, security has top priority and rapid incident response is consistently taken seriously. 

Here you will find helpful information about the IT Security Act and its implementation, compiled by TeleTrust, the German IT Security Association of which we are a member: