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Timely warning and corrective action

Our SOC is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the know-how of experienced security specialists to offer you an attractive alternative to complex in-house security solutions.  Our SOC will monitor the functionalities of your security solutions to proactively anticipate faults in the ideal case and to, in case of problems, immediately raise the alarm and initiate remedial action.  As MSSPs (Managed Security Service Provider) we can operate not only via our own security platform but also integrate and monitor your existing solutions 24/7.  

We will also ensure that systems are restored without delay in the event that a problem cannot be immediately averted.  Speed is of the essence here, to limit damage to a minimum.  We will apply forensic weak points analyses to ensure that repeats of a successful attack will be pre-emptively blocked.

Our NOC/SOC is certified by the BSI, confirming the responsible performance of our tasks. The “IT-Grundschutz-based ISO 27001 certificate” officially documents that we ensure “information security and the successful implementation of international standards by applying the IT-Grundschutz methods internally and externally” (BSI). The BSI seal is mandatory to many security entrusted companies, including especially companies offering security services and KRITIS suppliers.

SOC examples

  • alerts about peculiarities (Finally Safe’s early warning system)
  • orchestration, automation and reaction to events in real time using our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform (LogPoint)
  • Next Generation End Point Security with artificial intelligence (CylancePROTECT)
  • Asset & Device Management for Network Access Control (macmon)
  • two factor authentication
  • weak points analysis on component level, prevention (via penetration testing)
  • system restore support

SOC advantages

monitored 24/7 operation

  • all services to stringent BSI requirements on demand
  • modular concept: freely selectable NOC/SOC services 
  • high security container for all monitoring servers and network components
  • optional NOC support in the event of malfunctions: from telephonic advice to delivery of spares
  • NOC/SOC management based in Germany, with locally trained technicians
  • comprehensive support in German or, if needed, English