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Avoiding actionism

IT infrastructure protection is important to all companies these days – no-one can afford a half-hearted approach here. Authorities and security entrusted companies need to satisfy even higher than average demands.

Data attacks on public systems will briefly increase security activities: IT staff will check identified loopholes and close them as quickly as possible, if and where needed. Yet isolated measures are largely inadequate these days to fend off data sabotage.

Many areas will require uninterrupted action: 

  • Prudent governance/prevention starts with the correct IT architecture.  Physical access to wide-area optical networks cannot, for example, be technically fully excluded.  Encrypted information, however, will be of no use to a data thief.
  • Attacks on IT infrastructure are much more frequent via the network than through physical access – not only by cyber attacks for economic/political reasons, but also by own staff.
  • The user, however, is still the greatest risk factor.  The credo should therefore be to pertinently train staff to work safely and remain compliant – yet without restricting creativity and productivity.

Thinking holistically, deciding individually

We will support you en route to your holistic security strategy and advise you on all levels relevant to your situation.  Together we will find the optimal, also economically most effective solutions to comprehensive protection of your corporate data.  We will examine your existing structures with a view from outside in to then support you in your selection of new measures to take.  Our approach includes training and workshops designed to share our know-how in the field of IT security with your team.

IT security Made in Germany

  1. Our headquarters are in Germany.
  2. dacoso will offer only trustworthy IT security solutions.
  3. Our research and development in the field of IT security is based in Germany  
  4. dacoso undertakes to comply with the requirements of the German Data Protection Act.