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Playing it safe

Anyone working in a data center environment will know how sensitive the systems are. The slightest of changes may have huge consequences. Because what appears compatible at first suddenly no longer is.
Only one solution: trial run. Either on site or in our test laboratory and before all else. Only thereafter taking time to decide on a final configuration.

Using test data

We will set up the test scenarios and bring along the relevant hardware and software. With our dEGBox, developed in-house, we can simulate extremely high data loading - no need to resort to your confidential corporate data for testing.

WAN test

We may include the WAN links of your data center in our feasibility test, if required. Since data center links are also part of the dacoso solutions, our technicians are as familiar with these as they are with SANs. Using their sophisticated measurements, they will establish the performance and limits of the network. The results of the entire Proof of Concept are documented and analyzed in the test reports.