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Professional network maintenance

With a highly effective and stable infrastructure in place, attacks will quickly peter out.  Failing to maintain equipment in the required condition would thus be inexcusably negligent. Updating the hardware at short notice and on the fly whilst the IT Department continues operations is not easy, however. Our maintenance and updating services will offer you just the support you need. We can also on request offer you permanent monitoring of your equipment including constantly updated documentation of the status. Malfunctions will thus be immediately evident to avoid greater damage. Should incidents nevertheless occur in the network, we will initiate remedial action without delay.

NOC examples: 

  • service monitoring of network components based on an SNMP monitoring solution (ADVA Optical Networking)
  • service monitoring for WAN optimizer (Ipanema)
  • service monitoring for encryption solutions with BSI certification (SINA Layer 3 boxes, ADVA Optical Networking, atmedia) including administration and dispatch of chip cards and operation of the central administration server