Contact Connectivity

Direct reaction

We will be there to assist, should your system hiccup on occasion. And at the time when you need us. We will start with remediation as soon as  a fault is reported because your operations need to continue, quickly and smoothly.

Full-time or part time

Things may get complicated should there be WDM or switch problems – on Saturday night, for instance:  Which colleague close by should be called for assistance? Ready for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – not many IT departments can afford this. We are here to assist you with 24/7 support – permanently or part time.

To your advantage: 

  • flexible standby times
  • time period as needed
  • intensive training
  • trained technicians with no language barriers: our service is based entirely in Germany
  • alerts raised via phone, SMS or e-mail
  • detailed documentation