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NOKIA / Nuage Networks

Nokia is one of the globally leading enterprises in the field of telecommunication. With the take-over of Alcatel-Lucent in 2015, the company secured the know-how and products of a premium manufacturer of telecommunication and networking equipment. The high performance Core routers, the devices for rugged outdoor use and the Nuage Network solution for intelligent data center networking deserve special mention here.


NOKIA has developed a network platform that is explicitly tailored to the complex requirements of network operators. Carrier-grade equipment is used to implement solutions that are reliably stable and scalable, making them particularly interesting for companies that have to meet high KRITIS (Critical Infrastructures) requirements. Demanding equipment - differentiated maintenance: By now, our technical team has become quite adept with Nokia hardware, ensuring that the equipment will continue operating as promised.

Carrier-grade equipment

The platform supports Carrier Ethernet (CE 2.0) to link networks on Layer 2 directly to ensure, for instance, that IP services may be transferred without a problem. Commercial Ethernet services such as Virtual Private Wire Services (VPWS/VLL) and Virtual Private LAN services (VPLS) are therefore easy to implement. Data, languages and video may be simultaneously transferred without loss via MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) in combination with Bridged Ethernet, Stacked-VLANs and H-QoS (Hierarchic Quality-of-Service). Media, service and transport protocols will be integrated for aggregation and routing, e.g. for E1 data traffic or for monitoring of building services equipment or processing of process data. The common management interface allows control of the entire solution and speeds up end-to-end service.

7750 Service Router

The 7750 Service Router (SR) is a industry-leading IP/MPLS-supported Multiservice Router that was developed especially for corporate clients with critical business applications and for carriers. It is the ideal backbone to a bigger network or as WAN Layer 3 access point in a Layer 2 network, offering a wide selection of Ethernet, SDH/SONET, ATM/CES and TDM interfaces. The 7750 SR, optimized for providing high performance data, voice and video services, is available in several chassis sizes, all boasting numerous interfaces with outstanding density and service. The 7750 utilizes the power of the Service Router operating system (SR OS) to offer the service flexibility needed to achieve the required service continuity, diversity and reliability.

7705 SAR Service Access Router

The Service Access Router Nokia 7705 SAR product family offers all functions required for operating, for instance, supply company networks that need to satisfy KRITIS requirements (national strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection), in a single device:

  • hardened enclosures for outdoor use
  • firewall
  • Encryption is on the Ipsec or, more importantly, on the MPLS level (the MPLS pseudowire is encrypted using the Network Group Encryption function), meaning that non-IP traffic such as SCADA control data etc. and also routing packets between routers will be encrypted.
  • Multi-Service capable for data, voice, video, control data, etc.
  • serial interfaces for connecting, for instance, control devices with SCADA & integrated terminal servers

7210 SAS Service Access Switch

The Service Access Switch 7210 serves as a platform family for MPLS-capable Carrier Ethernet, with many options from VPLS, VLL all the way to IP VPN. The product family comprises many different devices, from small Ethernet customer CPEs up to the SAS-R12 Carrier Ethernet Core node with MPLS functionality and modular design. This allows cost-effective mapping of the range of demarcation and aggregation requirements.

7950 XRS Extensive Routing System

This router is one of the most powerful core routers on the market, in use at the world’s largest Internet hub. The 7950 XRS is highly energy-efficient and compact and delivers almost double the density of alternative systems. It currently offers up to 160 x 100 or 1.600 x 10 gigabit Ethernet ports.

Virtualizing with Nuage Networks

The continuing boom in the growth of Cloud services is forcing IT decision-makers to re-think their current concepts about IT systems in their data centers. Especially since IT tasks are increasingly uploaded into the Cloud, it is imperative that own server infrastructures will be optimally utilized and cost-effectively operated. SDN (Software Defined Networks) and SD-WAN allow network infrastructures to adapt to changing capacity and bandwidth requirements of servers and applications, without manual intervention. The Virtual Network Services of dacoso partner Nuage Networks, a Nokia business segment, will enable integration of distributed locations into virtualized networking, thereby accelerating changes in the entire infrastructure of companies and data centers.