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InfoVista is on of the leading suppliers of Network Orchestration solutions. The French Group of companies will ensure that the network connections of its more than 1500 customers are efficiently utilized, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of the links. With its takeover of Ipanema in 2015, InfoVista acquired one of the most innovative products in the field of load balancing.

Why InfoVista?

Ipanema will be a must if you wish to utilize your networks to the limits of their capacity. The solution is a market leader and is considered very stable. We were particularly convinced by the following functionalities allowing us to support our customers in their optimization of their data transfer:

  • optimized utilization of WAN connections by means of data compression and load balancing
  • prioritization of sound and image packets for improved quality at video conferences
  • automatic recognition and deactivation of slow or error-prone connections for increased availability of the entire transfer of data