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atmedia is one of the leaders in Germany in the field of broadband encryption systems. Not least because the systems are BSI (Federal Data Protection Authority) certified for transmission of classified documents. All atmedia equipment is developed and manufactured in Germany.

Why atmedia?

We have, in cooperation with atmedia, already implemented many encryption solutions, among other at banks, authorities and insurance companies. Since these are companies and institutions with extremely high demands on data security, this clearly affirms the confidence placed in atmedia. This Saarbrücken company team will not, however, rest on its laurels but continue developing its products - to the delight of its customers and the chagrin of the world’s data spies. We have over the years evolved into atmedia specialists and are now very familiar with the ins and outs of their devices.

atmedia encryption systems

The atmedia encryption boxes are deployed on Layer 2 and Layer 2.5 and for Layer 3 routing, securing Ethernet, MPLS and IP networks. The AES-256 encryption algorithm with frequent Diffie-Hellman key exchange is the basis. Of importance here: Key management will always remain exclusively under customer control. The encryption systems are particularly suited for linking distributed locations in the commerce/banking sector and industry, also for deployment by authorities.