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ADVA: DWDM, Encryption, Virtualization + more

ADVA Optical Networking is a leading producer of solutions to scalable optical data transmission via DWDM-technology (dense wavelengh division multiplexing) for Carrier-Ethernet network access solutions and the efficient Virtualization of Networks. The company has furthermore set new standards for high performance and secure networks based on reliable integrated encryption functions and solutions to accurate network synchronization.

Why ADVA Optical Networking?

The ADVA team’s motivation and drive was convincing to us right from the start:  like us, the team will put shoulder to the wheel for its customers and refuse to rest before everything runs smoothly. We have been an ADVA Optical Networking Partner (Elite Partner) for many years and have always been one of the most successful.

And our customers have peace of mind knowing that the majority of ADVA products are developed and produced in Germany. After taking over MRV Communications in 2017, ADVA is also now in a position to offer an even greater selection of carrier and corporate networking equipment. As an ADVA partner, we also provide consulting and service for these products. With Ensemble, the company has made a major leap forward in virtual networking and with the integration of Oszilloquartz, another coup that has secured ADVA valuable know-how in the area of clocking.

DWDM-Solutions for Layer 1 - ADVA FSP-3000

With its FSP 3000 platform, ADVA Optical Networking boasts one of the most reliable and widely used products for high performance fiber optic networks.

The FSP 3000 Agile Connect (Fiber Service Platform) scalable optical transport solution represents a hardware and software solution that allows transmission and aggregation of large data volumes by means of DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) and TDM (time division multiplexing). The system has a modular design to allow flexible application for each specific customer demand. Large numbers of transmission cards, filter modules and amplifiers may, for instance, be installed together in a subassembly chassis to transmit bundled data volumes over long distances via an optic fiber pair. The optical transmission system supports WDM-PON-, CWDM- and DWDM.

FSP 3000 supports many interface protocols and bit rates, including 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel, FICON, Coupling Link, Parallel Sysplex, Infiniband, Ethernet, FCoE/DCB and other protocols such as SONET/SDH. ADVA offers DWDM-transmission rates of 100G and 200G with AES 256 encryption as well.


ADVA FSP 3000 Cloud Connect: The product supports the first 400 GBit/s data transmission module implemented on a single, compact subassembly. The DWDM based platform can transmit up to 25.6 Tbit/s duplex capacity per fiber pair in a single rack, achieving a total data throughput of 51.2Tbit/s.

Encryption: For FSP 3000, ADVA Optical Networking has ConnectGuardTM , an encryption solution offering virtually unchanged performance of the link, despite the computationally intensive type AES-256 encryption demands. The data are encrypted at the speed of the connection – i.e. 100% data throughput at minimal latency. A variation of this solution is also available with BSI [Federal Office for Information Security] certification.      

ROADM: The configurable optical ROADM functionality allows coupling individual wavelengths in and out without access conflict, for very fast adjustment to suit new or changed requirements. Adding or removing nodes, enabling or disabling additional services, automatic and remote adjustment of transmission performance – all this will be possible with little staff required. The actual network status will be displayed and controlled via the Network Manager .

Solutions for Layer 2

ADVA FSP 150: With its FSP 150 product series, ADVA Optical Networking can offer Carrier Ethernet network termination and aggregation equipment at speeds up to 10 GBit/s. Sales figures considerably in excess of one million rank the series among ADVA’s bestsellers. The hardware finds applications in the wide spread Layer 2 subsidiary networks of large companies in particular, also with carriers offering their customers links to all their network locations. The solution is also of interest to Mobile Backhaul, for instance for migration from LTE to LTE Advanced. All target groups are impressed by FSP 150’s longevity in particular – the products are considered extremely robust and reliable.

Encryption: ADVA ConnectGuardTM  encrypts the Layer 2 connections with AES-256 on the FSP 150 devices directly – with no loss of performance. Software encryption or IPsec encryption on higher layers cannot match these advantages, since they have higher latencies and are more vulnerable to attack on the application levels.

With its FSP-150-Variante GE114Pro, ADVA offers a combination of fast Layer 2 transfer plus secure data encryption – at surprisingly low equipment cost for this complete package. The popularity of this product is also due to the fact that ADVA Optical Networking is headquartered in Germany and that its reliability is accepted - especially in terms of security. 

Carrier access networks

The FSP 3000 AccessConnect™ solution allows structuring intelligent high-speed carrier access networks that will be faster, more cost-effective and simpler to administrate. Operators and companies can thus respond to the enormous growth of bandwidth generated by migration to Cloud-based applications. Designed from scratch to support the latest progress in optical technology, FSP 3000 AccessConnect™ offers a modular and highly flexible pay-as-you-grow solution to reduce capital and operating costs. Designed to optimize application in carrier access network environments that demand flexibility, space and performance, FSP 3000 AccessConnect™ can offer scalable optical network solutions as a solid base for future demands.


The Ensemble  ADVA Optical Networking software product portfolio can offer more FSP 150 efficiency and control. This is based on a Pure-Play virtualization solution with software defined management to significantly increase network intelligence. 

MRV products

ADVA took over the US company MRV Communications, a provider of Layer 1 to 3 network solutions, in 2017. MRV has been a market player since 1988, serving numerous companies globally with its experience and top technical know-how. MRV products are a sound choice especially concerning sub-components for carrier and corporate networks and a wise complement to ADVA customer portfolios.  Customers hold especially the MRV Omniswitches series in high esteem, another product now included in the ADVA portfolio, as are most of the other MRV products. As an ADVA Elite partner we will naturally service these solutions also and will place one of our specialists at your disposal as your expert contact person.

Advanced Link Monitoring 

Measuring systems on a dedicated wavelength will check the entire glass fiber link via Advanced Link Monitoring – constantly, since in parallel. What is special here: All glass fiber lines can be monitored in this way – even if not driven by ADVA equipment. Accurate real-time information on potential impairment of the fibers will allow fast, proactive action, often before damage manifests on the service level. 

Timing und Synchronization

Networks rely on accurate clocking. With the integration Oscilloquartz, a provider of synchronization sources and distribution systems, the ADVA Optical Networking portfolio can now offer solutions to high-precision frequency, phase and time synchronization. The OSA product family allows retroactive upgrading of existing connection networks with frequency and phase synchronization for accurate clocking of mobile radio base stations or Small Cells.

The migration to LTE and especially LTE-Advanced and the required guaranteed accurate and reliable network synchronization poses a huge challenge to mobile radio network operators. The ADVA Optical Networking Syncjack™ solution  will guarantee accurate phase synchronization between stations.

Network Management Suite

All FSP family platforms may be configured using the integrated Network Element Director software. This allows all the settings as well as service and troubleshooting to be carried out on equipment level. The  FSP Network Manager configures, monitors and updates the installed components on network level. Based on this, the FSP Service Manager provides individual modules for the simplified definition of services such as Ethernet, for example.