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The Quantum Computing Challenge

Cloud providers, IT developers and intelligence agencies are working flat out on a new generation of computers. No one will be able to avoid dealing with the possibilities, but also with the risks, of quantum computers. What does that mean for the security of your critical data today? Are the existing mechanisms still sufficient to reliably protect your sensitive company information from unauthorized access in the long term? Together with our partners ADVA and ID Quantique, we have developed a solution that will secure your data in the future. 


AES-256 encryption remains secure

To date, there is no indication that AES-256 can be successfully attacked by a full key search. Even the use of quantum computers will not dramatically shorten the key search. Due to rapid cycles when changing the keys used, an attack is not worthwhile; deciphering even short sequences of a message is always associated with the full effort of the key search 


Key exchange procedures must now change  

Currently common key exchange methods - e.g. according to Diffie Hellmann - are based on an algorithm which is based on a mathematical one-way function. This means that the key is generated using a very simple mathematical function, but there is no "fast" algorithm for the inverse function. However, crypto-analysis methods are already known today that make successful attacks on currently used key exchange methods possible with the help of quantum computers. This increases the risk that data transmitted, intercepted and stored today can be decrypted at a later point in time using quantum computers. 


Quantum Secure Encryption via DWDM from ADVA

The world-renowned NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is currently analyzing the best technological solutions for key exchange processes that provide the security that IT managers can rely on even after the establishment of Quantum Computing. The solutions that will prove to be the most secure will be in the portfolio of our partner ADVA in the future. Already today, the ADVA DWDM platform enables software upgrades of the key exchange processes used. This flexibility means that the systems can be brought up to date with the latest crypto procedures at any time. 


Quantum Key Distribution from ID Quantique

The Swiss security specialists at ID-Quantique have developed a method based on quantum mechanics that ensures absolutely secure transmission of keys. Any attempt by an attacker to intercept a key leads to loss of the key (=abort) and to an immediate alarm. This happens on the fiber optic level through the transmission technology of ADVA with the help of QKD system components at both end points. The value of a digital bit is encoded on a single quantum object, a QuBit. The interception of the optical fibre used for transmission, e.g. with a bending coupler, inevitably leads to a disturbance, as photons are lost as a result. If, therefore, the transfer of the key is successful in the reverse conclusion, proof is furnished that the transferred key was not read along and can therefore be used. 


Installation, operation and monitoring by us  

We at dacoso also take over all steps from planning and installation to commissioning for these new security procedures. On request, we integrate the post-quantum-safe solution into our security-certified NOC/SOC (ISO 27001, BSI) and ensure smooth operation and continuous monitoring by our security experts.