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Data center interlinking

Our DCI solutions offer you stable data center interlinking, be it to just next door or to many kilometers away. Your corporate information will be mirrored 1:1 and reliably protected from loss.
The sine qua non for high availability demands is constant identity of databases in both data centers - achievable only by direct optical and synchronous interconnection of data centers. Different signal propagation delays (latency) must be taken into account when data is routed between data centers using duplicate paths. We will also, in addition to optical fiber lines, implement the required connection equipment in both data centers. We will in this respect support all the services generally deployed in the data center environment.

Dedicated data links 

  • This is based on an optic fiber backbone with flexible filter and transponder modules for dedicated bandwidths with standardized interfaces.
  • The fibers are procured from various suppliers as required and independent of carrier.
  • The transit times are adjusted in the case of dual path routing.
  • multi-stage redundancy concepts
  • with BSI (Federal Data Protection Authority) compliant encryption on request

Interconnecting equipment

  • hardware and software configuration by dacoso technical team
  • duplicate equipment at the termination points on request
  • The systems are meticulously tested and the links are measured before going live.
  • The results are comprehensively documented.

Monthly fee

We can offer Data interconnection as managed services and will then assume responsibility for the entire package: from connectivity and security down to operation. Our agreement will comprise the solution, including personnel, for a monthly fee for the duration of the contract. The overall package means: leased hardware plus professional service. Your management will thank you for saving fixed investments (Capex) and improving flexibility. Should you, however, decide in future to operate the hardware yourself, we will discuss with you the optimal implementation to your decision.