Contact Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity Solution with Success Factor Security

Cloud providers are benefiting from the trend of customers increasingly shifting data to the Cloud. The advantages are irrefutable: The platforms can scale up almost at will, yet the user will pay for only what he uses. Cloud applications operate strictly in protected environments and system redundancies will support the business even should hardware components in the Cloud fail.

Faith, however, requires another component: the stability of links to the Cloud and between individual platforms. This is because customers expect distributed or redundant data storage across various platforms.This implies that all connections must be secure to the max, fast and reliable.

Encrypted links

We can offer reliable networking solutions as complete operational concepts, both in terms of customer to Cloud connections and in terms of connections between Cloud service providers and their platforms. All this is possible through optical fiber connections, using either one fiber exclusively, or just a wavelength. Depending on requirement and availability, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS or IP connections are further alternatives. The links may be encrypted for maximized security.

Cloud Connect:

  • Protocols: optical connections over Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, and IP
  • Point-to-point or multi-point connections
  • End-to-end encryption with different solutions, on request also with BSI certification (Federal Office for Information Security)