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Design and product selection

No bloopers allowed in the storage network. Switches and directors must be precisely configured, no lost bits permitted in Fibre Channels or IP. This is why we not only design your storage network, but we also prepare a list of the products and services you will need. This renders every tender a self-propelled project, since the details will be nailed down and the tenderer has no leeway for experimentation. Because we will quote our SAN concepts at a fixed price, there will be no surprises waiting for you at the end.

Our pre-check:

  • What equipment is at hand already? What is still usable?
  • performance requirements
  • required availability, reliability and security
  • length restrictions for FO links, position and condition of the FO cables, FO distributors and cabinets
  • power supply condition
  • determining the necessary number of ports for storage and servers (device port count)

Free choice

The market is huge and diverse. That’s why we offer you a concept which also includes economically and technologically interesting alternatives to the major suppliers. The different equipment should be compatible, of course. To be on the safe side, we may perform specific suitability tests in our laboratory, as required.