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Concepts and clarity

The more complex the corporate network structure, the greater the scope for attack. To avoid a collapse you should therefore opt for a clear network infrastructure. Two aspects are fundamental in this respect: firstly, a concept guaranteeing network stability and secondly, links having adequate capacity to get your data to its destination without detours.

We offer you a clearly configured concept for your customized network – and at a mutually agreed fixed price. This also includes a schedule for transition from the existing situation to the future network solution.


The most important parameters:

  • availability
  • topology / meshing
  • redundancy and protection
  • loading
  • quantitative throughput demands
  • latency

Optical links

Glass fiber connections offer high bandwidths and low latencies. Even more potential will be realized through better utilization of the optical transmission technology. We can exploit this by differentiating data streams by their “class of service”, for instance: The byte demands of video streams, e-mails or backups will not simply be added, but also prioritized to reduce to a minimum. This opens up many options for saving which are often overlooked.