Contact Connectivity

Selection and Procurement

Corporate networks are never complete. Many companies these days are faced with the need to renew their data links from scratch in order to meet the increasing demand for performance. But how to find the right provider among the many carriers?

Independent decision-making

We will match your planned network to the network coverage offered by carriers. Thereafter we will evaluate availabilities and other detail and obtain quotes. These we will obtain from those carriers who can offer convincing performance at reasonable prices. Our recommendations are independent and without bias. At your request, we are also quite prepared to handle your contractual relationship with the carriers and the implementation of new lines: Highly organized project management will be required should it be necessary to switch over the network in one go.

Your benefits:

  • We are familiar with the carrier market and its subtleties.
  • You are in direct contact with the carrier, i.e. with no intermediate primary contractor.
  • Our solutions are transparent and documented in detail.
  • We only recommend – the decision is yours.