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With us you will meet real scene experts: The IT market, its suppliers and the latest products with all their special features are our daily business. Since we do not commit ourselves to specific manufacturers, we are not afraid to combine products from different suppliers. This results in pragmatic solutions for SANs, corporate networks and carrier services, which also bring out the best in price for you. We provide you with well-founded concepts, hardware lists and network plans with which you can advance your data center and network connections in a future-oriented way.

IT security is trend-setting

Today, a high degree of security measures for the IT infrastructure is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity. Many providers have recognized this, and the range of individual measures is correspondingly large. In our proposals, a holistic view of your infrastructure is important to us: The hardware equipment in the data center offers an attack surface just as much as the data connections between your data centers. Since we are very familiar with both the equipment and the site networking, we keep both areas in mind for you.



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