A well-rehearsed team

We need partners who convince us with their products and work one hundred percent reliably. Thanks to our many years of market experience, we know who meets these criteria - and we claim to have made the best choice. In close and practice-proven cooperation, we all pursue the same goal: solutions that are tailor-made and work smoothly in the long term.

We are also well networked internationally. As a member of the Global Connectivity Alliance, we manage cross-border connectivity projects together with our partners abroad.



Our partners in the field of Connectivity

To connect data centers and enterprise sites, we often rely on ADVA Optical Networking's WDM transport solutions. The internationally positioned company with headquarters in Germany is a protagonist among optical network equipment providers and has recognized the issues of the time in good time with innovative virtualization and cloud approaches. As an ADVA Elite Partner, we are the point of contact when it comes to ADVA equipment and the installation of solutions.

Security is absolutely in focus at atmedia, the Saarbrücken-based specialist that has made a name for itself worldwide with its encryption boxes for layers 2 to 3 and is also in demand in Germany because of its BSI certificates.

With the acquisition of Ipanema, InfoVista has made itself an interesting partner for us. The product has been established in the market for a long time and ensures optimal utilization of WAN connections through load balancing.

We have brought NOKIA on board especially for our customers who are extremely dependent on data security, for example because they are among the KRITIS service providers. With its carrier-grade equipment - including DWDM technology - it provides companies with equipment that meets the high standards of network operators. The extremely powerful routers are still looking for their equal. Our partner Nuage Networks, the SDN solution from NOKIA, is used in the field of virtual networking.

Since 1991, Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) has been regarded throughout Europe as an expert for fiber optic cabling and service solutions. The products and services can be found wherever large amounts of data need to be transmitted quickly and securely.

ID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions to protect data for the future. We use the quantum key transmission of IDQ in combination with DWDM solutions for long-term secure data transmission between data centers.

Our partners in the field of Virtual Networking

Nuage Networks von NOKIA offers comprehensive SDN (Software-Defined Networking) functionality at the highest level and great flexibility through a robust, proven platform. Nuage Networks can be integrated into many, even heterogeneous environments and provides the highest possible network automation.

dacoso is official partner for the ensemble Harmony Ecosystemvon ADVA. Behind this is an efficient solution for the virtualization of network functions which radically simplifies the provision and operation of applications over the network.

The French network software company 6WIND develops vRouter for IoT and edge cloud solutions in virtual machines. We integrate this high-performance software into our virtualization solutions, providing a level of performance previously unattainable for virtual machine (VM) connections within VMware ESXi and Linux KVM environments. This gives our customers considerably more flexibility and dynamics for their networks.

Applications are increasingly provided in the cloud. Zscaler delivers new security solutions for this, which we at Virtual Networking integrate into a software-defined area that is compatible with all IT environments.

Our partners in the field of Cyber Security

With the development of our own NOC/SOC, we were looking for a provider for an extremely reliable early warning system. Finally Safe convinced us with its comprehensive and self-learning system and became an important building block for our security solutions.

As SIEM system we use the solution of LogPoint. The aim of the software is to recognize early signs of a threat/attack or behavior pattern. The modularization of the individual components in LogPoint allows our customers greater flexibility in deciding on the SIEM architecture to be used in their company.

Within information security, patch management is an important part of the security process. We use Greenbone's solution to detect IT security vulnerabilities in recurring security scans at our customers. By eliminating known vulnerabilities, targeted attacks can be prevented.

The protection of endpoints, such as notebooks, is essential for a consistent IT security architecture, especially against the background of increasing home office activity. BlackBerry Cylance's solution is convincing, since not only known malware, but also previously unknown malware can be identified through machine learning. For our customers we implement endpoint security solutions with the functions prevention, detection and response.

Blueliv's security solutions scan the Internet, the Deep Web and Dark Net for current threats. Our customers benefit from this immensely up-to-date, automated and immediately usable threat intelligence information to protect their corporate networks from external attacks.