free Webinar: SIEM - but properly! (30.09.2020 11:00 Uhr)

On September 30th we continue our webinar series. This time we will focus on SIEM - Security Information and Event Management, which enables companies to ensure greater security in their infrastructure: In the SIEM, the log data of all end devices (PCs, laptops and notebooks, servers, routers and switches, virus scanners, firewalls and other network and IT security components) are collected and evaluated in a central database. If the results are critical, an alarm is triggered immediately. This means that IT managers can significantly reduce the scope for current cyber risks.

In our Webniar, our cyber security experts Maren Sindlinger and Johannes Kresse explain exactly how the whole thing works. Of course you will have the opportunity to ask individual questions before and after the event. Hans-Wilhelm Dünn from the Cyber Security Council Germany will introduce the approximately one-hour webinar.