Webinar "Virtualization" with our partners 6wind and ADVA on October 22nd, 4:30pm

The coronavirus demands unexpected changes and adaptations from many companies. A new key role is played by the virtualization of networks, as it allows data connections to be managed much faster and more flexibly. Together with our partners 6wind and ADVA we take this as an opportunity to examine virtual networking. Experts from the partnering companies - for us Karsten Geise, Head of Business and Product Development- will discuss, among other things:

  • Why are open and virtualized solutions the new standard and how do they support innovations like Smart Cities, IoT and 5G?
  •  Response to COVID-19, including opening and closing sites and the benefits of zero touch provisioning and LTE access

The webinar (Thursday 22.10.2020, 4:30pm) will be held in English. More information and the opportunity to register for the webinar can be found here.