Free Webinar: "How to build the journey towards quantum-safe data security" (20.05.2020, 4pm)

Is my data still safe in the age of quantum computers? How can I prepare myself in the best possible way? Learn in this webinar from dacoso together with ID Quantique which dangers exist and with which solutions you can already improve your data security today.

About the Webinar

Data is the oil of the 21st century and the new raw material for the economy. The development of quantum computers has made great strides in performance. This represents a real disruption to the way we can protect data, as public key infrastructures are no longer secure and data can be used and modified without authorization.

In order to prepare the Cyber Security Framework for the Quantum Era, we need to act now. Every journey begins with the first step and this webinar will enable you to better manage the risk.

This is a joint event of dacoso and ID Quantique. Both companies are leaders in Quantum-Safe Data Security and help customers protect their valuable data with Quantum-Ready solutions.

Core topics will be

  1.     How quantum computing is changing data security.
  2.     What you should know about the Quantum-Safe concept.
  3.     What solutions are currently available.
  4.     What a practical implementation can look like.

Afterwards, we will give you the opportunity to ask questions to the experts.

If you are unable to attend the live broadcast, you will have the opportunity to watch a recording of the webinar.

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