New partner: dacoso cooperates with 6WIND

6WIND vRouter boost performance in virtual machines

Langen,20th of November 2019 dacoso, IT service provider based in Langen near Frankfurt, is working with the French company 6WIND from now on. The Paris-based network software company develops vRouter for IoT and edge cloud solutions in virtual machines. dacoso integrates the software into its virtualization solutions. As a result, dacoso customers significantly increase the flexibility of their server software, their networks work more efficiently and with more dynamism.  

The combination of 6WIND Turbo IPsec vRouters and dacoso system integration provides a level of performance previously unattainable in virtual machine (VM) connectivity within VMware ESXi and Linux KVM environments. Initial deployments include secure IoT and edge cloud solutions for carrier customers.
The benefits in detail:

  • Scalable IPsec vRouter Performance for VPN Concentration and VMs: 6WIND Turbo IPsec runs at 10Gbps and more, depending on the number of CPU cores installed in the system. The vRouter serves as a VPN concentrator to ensure a secure connection between management and orchestration (MANO) solutions and uCPE devices in branch structures and to aggregate cloud-based services including video.
  • Powerful IPv6 migration: 6WIND vRouter provide IPv4 over IPv6 tunnels from LAN to WAN per endpoint to support IPv6 migration. Multiple IPv4 services can be automatically transported in an IPv6 network in secure VPN tunnels.
  • CLI and NETCONF/YANG Management: 6WIND's CLI and NETCONF/YANG-based management engine provides APIs for integration with dacoso's MANO solutions and end customers' existing management frameworks. The setup of new sites and their configuration can be fully automated.
  • Monitoring: YANG-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be integrated into a time series database and an analysis dashboard such as InfluxDB and Grafana. sFlow can be used to capture the data stream from the Data Plane and send it to a collector for detailed analysis.

"6WIND's vRouter provides us with the foundation for virtual networks to create scalable, automated IoT and edge cloud solutions in virtual machines," said Karsten Geise, Head of Business and Product Management, dacoso GmbH. "We are looking forward to working with 6WIND to enable powerful software networking for our customers".
"dacoso is a leading innovator in delivering virtualized networking solutions," said Eric Carmès, founder and CEO of 6WIND. "We look forward to integrating 6WIND's powerful vRouter into dacoso's IoT and Edge Cloud solutions and to further expanding together into new markets".