free webinar: 5 Steps to Ensure Post-Quantum Security (18.11.2020, 10:00 am)

webinar 5 steps to post quantum security

Data is an organisation’s most precious asset which represents a competitive advantage – and quantum computing will bring a paradigm shift to securing it. Getting prepared must be considered as a journey where every step completed adds a layer of security to your data.

Join the free webinar to learn from our experts what the current trends are, how to respond to the upcoming challenges in quantum key distribution with 5 main steps and how real life implementations look like.

The timing: 18-NOV-2020 at 10:00am CET

The agenda:

  •  Latest trends and challenges for post-quantum security
  •  5 steps to get prepared for the quantum era
  • Real life implementations from the field
  • Questions & answers

45 minutes of your valuable time which will change your mindset and put you in the driver’s seat to start acting now by making it an integral part of your IT strategy. Be proactive and get prepared to secure your business.

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